Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania On Situation in Ukraine

Statement of the Chairmen of the Foreign Affairs Committees of Parliaments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

On Situation in Ukraine

We are following with great concern the events in Ukraine that have been created by the insensitivity of the Ukrainian government towards the will of a great number of Ukrainian people. It has led to dramatic clashes between the protesters and the police. We urge European leaders to take a firm stand and condemn the violence in Kiev.

New legislation restricting basic democratic principles and human rights like freedom of speech and freedom of assembly has given an excuse to use force against protesters. We ask the Ukrainian government and protesters to negotiate and find a peaceful solution by democratic means.

Continuation of the clashes and repression will lead the country into chaos that will benefit no one. We call to end the violence and agree on the roadmap of necessary actions to end the standoff by negotiations, with the help of independent mediator, if needed.

Marko MIHKELSON     
Ojars Eriks KALNINS
Benediktas JUODKA

23rd of January 2014


Anonüümne ütles …
I am Polish and I support Ukrainian struggle to get rid of soviet agents, oligarchs - ruling Ukraina
Anonüümne ütles …
Kuradi joobu tee midagi eesti jaaoks enne kui teisi öpetat.

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