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Are we ready for World War III?

"Are you ready for war?" This was the question asked from me last August near Bakhmut by the Commander of the legendary 24th Mechanised Brigade and decorated Hero of Ukraine Colonel Ivan Holishevsky.   He knew what he was talking about. His motto as a Brigade Commander is simply “Honour is earned in battle”. In his fight for the freedom of his country he has witnessed the determination of the enemy to destroy everything on its path that it finds alien or resistant. He knows that we must not underestimate Russia because a nuclear country that is waging a great war and has no regard for human lives is a threat to the whole world.   Last week, as we visited New York together with our Nordic and Baltic colleagues, we had the opportunity to meet the real heavyweight of Ukraine’s diplomatic frontline, the UN Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya. The diplomat who skilfully deflects Russia’s stone-faced lies on the international political arena and expertly defends his country’s interests rem